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This page is written by the game's inventor, Ivan Derzhanski.


Xhess with the following features:
  1. Blue/Green men are strong (!) on blue/green squares and weak (?) on green/blue ones; all men are normal on white squares. The idea is an extension of that used in Contrast Chess.
  2. The strong/weak moves are extensions/restrictions of the normal ones.
  3. The Horseman is replaced by a Pawn, the Nightrider by a Zebra (note that the figurine is striped).
  4. ?P can't capture; ?N and ?Z reach their destination squares by walking the paths of the Korean Horse and Elephant, respectively, and require them to be unobstructed; ?B, ?C, ?R and ?Q can't stop on the nearest squares, which must be vacant for them to be able to move in the corresponding directions (the screen of ?C must be farther away too); ?K does not move diagonally.
  5. !P is the Xhess Horseman; !N and !Z capture enemy men found on the paths of the Korean Horse and Elephant, respectively, so !N can capture up to two men and !Z up to three; !B, !R and !Q can leap over a man on the nearest square and slide on from there (this suggested by the powers of some men in Taikyoku Shogi); !C moves and captures one square diagonally in addition to its usual move; !K can capture without moving on adjacent squares.

Play It!

Use Zillions of Games to play this game! If you have Zillions of Games installed, you can download this game and play it. Note: you must also download the Xhess ZRF in order to play this game.

Written by Ivan A Derzhanski. Web page posted by David Howe.
WWW page created: 4 Sep 2000. Last modified on: 4 Sep 2000.