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Peasant Revolt

By George Whelan



Modest Chess variant with unequal armies and standard Chess rules.


White starts with a King and 8 Pawns (the Mob). Setup these pieces as usual.

Black begins with a King, a King's Pawn, and 3 Knights (the Palace). The extra Knight is placed where the Queen's Bishop would ordinarily go.


Standard Chess pieces are used.


Peasants Revolt has an unequal setup for White and Black. Otherwise the standard rules of Chess apply.  

Playing Tips

With four Black Knights (the fourth on f8) the game balance is heavily skewed towards Black. As a result of play testing, the setup has been reduced to three Black Knights. That turns the game into a real nail biter.


I seem to remember reading that Peasant Revolt was invented following the French Revolution but have no idea if that is true. All in all, it's been fun every time I've gotten to play. I hope you enjoy it.

Computer Play

You can also play this game by email, using the web-based Play by Mail system on this site. Access the preset setup here.


Standard Chess equipment.


The setup graphic was made using the Play by Mail system on this site.