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Omega Chess game

Many games of Omega Chess have been played, some by very well known chess players. Below, you find a game, played by Judith Polgar (she is one of the best chess grandmasters of our time) and chess grandmaster Alex Sherzer.

Sherzer - Polgar

White: Alex Sherzer.
Black: Judith Polgar.
Game played on May 29, 1999. 30 minutes time per player.

1.f4 - d5 2.Nd2 - Ng7 3.Wa2 - Cc7 4.Ng2 - f7 5.Wj2 - Wa7 6.e4 - de4 7.Ne4 - Bb4 8.Be1 - Nd7 9.c3 - Be7 10.Wi5 - 0-0 11.d4 - Cc6 12.Bd3 - b5 13.b4 -Wd6 14.Cc2 -Wj7 15.Ch2 -Wi4 16.Nh4 -Wh5 17.Wd1-We3 18.Kg0-c7 19.i4 -Wg4 20.Be2 -Wd5 21.Rc0 - Bb7 22.Nc5 - Nc5 23.bc5 - Qd8 24.Qh3 - Wh4 25.Bh4 - Bh4 26.Wh4 - Ch7 27.Wg2  - Ce4 28.Ce4 - We4 29.Qj3 - j7 30. i5 - I6 31.Wg7 - hg7 32.Ri3 - Ki8 33.Qj4 - Rh9 34.Rj3 - Ci7 35.Re0 - Qf6 36.Bc0 - e6 37.Bb1 - Wf5 38.Wf5 - ef5 39.Re8 - Rh8 40.Rje3 - g6 41.Qi3 - Qg7 42.j4 - b4 43.R8e5 - bc3 44.Rc3 - Bh1 45.Kh1 - Rb1 46.Ra3 - Ch7 47.Ra8 - Ch5 48.Ra9 - Qh7 49.Ree9 - Cj3 50.Qj3 - Qh2     0-1-white resigns

W= Wizard                C= Champion

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