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This page is written by the game's inventor, Peter Leyva.

Field Chess

Field Chess is played on a elongated board (8x12). Traditional rules of modern chess apply when playing field chess. The difference lies within the extended field of play and the added new pieces (Archers). Set pieces the same as traditional modern chess. Add the new piece (archer) in front of the pawns, on rows 3&4, in zig zag formation. Be sure to use the king's color for the new piece (archer). The ojective remains the same, to checkmate your opponent's king. Rule of play for the Archer are as follows: The archer has the option to move one or two spaces forward at any time during the players' turn. The archer, just as the pawn, can capture diagonally, and can capture one or two spaces forward. These rules make the archer a purely progressive piece. The enpassant rule always applies to the archer by the opposing archer or pawn, except when the archer is making a forward capture. The pawn is also subject to the enpassant rule, but only to traditional play of modern chess. Just as the pawn, the archer can collect all of the royalties once he is in the king's row.

Written by Peter E. Leyva.
WWW page created: 16 June 2001. Updated: 22 June 2001.