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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, David Short.

Schizophrenic Chess

By David Short

Crab Teleporter Left Schizzy Crowned Knight Bishop Bobber King Right Schizzy Squire Queen


Here is my entry for the 84-squares contest!

Board and Setup

           a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h    i    j    k    L
  7 |:BT:|BLSc|:BS:| BCN|:BB:|BBob|:BK:| BB |:BCN| BS |BRSc| BT |  7
  6 | BC |:BC:| BC |:BC:| BC |:BC:| BC |:BC:| BC |:BC:| BC |:BC:|  6
  5 |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |  5
  4 |    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|  4
  3 |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |::::|    |  3
  2 | WC |:WC:| WC |:WC:| WC |:WC:| WC |:WC:| WC |:WC:| WC |:WC:|  2
  1 |:WT:|WLSc|:WS:| WCN|:WB:|WBob|:WK:| WB |:WCN| WS |WRSc| WT |  1
      a    b    c    d    e    f    g    h    i    j    k    L


    WC -  White CRAB
    WT -  White TELEPORTER
    WS-   White SQUIRE
    WB-   White BISHOP
    WBob- White BOBBER
    WK-   White KING
    BC-   Black CRAB
    BT-   Black TELEPORTER
    BS-   Black SQUIRE
    BB-   Black BISHOP
    BBob- Black BOBBER
    BK-   Black KING
In the ASCII diagram above, a1 is a dark square, b1 is a light square, c1 is a dark square, etc. across the board to j1 is a light square, k1 is a dark square and L1 is a light square. Squares marked "::::" are dark squares.

Graphic of Schizophrenic Chess board


All of the rules are the same as Usual Chess, except where noted below.

The Pieces

Special Moves

CASTLING: The King may castle with either Squire in a manner which mimics a King castling in Chess with a Rook. The Squire would move two squares towards the King and the King "jumps" over to the opposite side. When castling with the Squire on c1/c11, the King would move from g1/g11 to e1/e11, and the Squire would move from c1/c11 to f1/f11, and when castling with the Squire on j1/j11, the King would move from g1/g11 to i1/i11, and the Squire would move from j1/j11 to h1/h11. All of the standard prohibitions against castling as are used in regular Chess apply to castling here too. One may only castle if both King and Squire have not previously moved, the King may not castle while in check, nor may castle on to or over a square controlled by an enemy piece.

SPECIAL KING MOVE: Once during the game, the King itself may "teleport" to either of that player's own TELEPORTER starting squares of (for White: a1 or L1, for Black: a7 or L7) only if the square the king is teleporting to is empty and is not controlled by an enemy piece (would not be teleporting into check). It may still teleport after it has castled, but obviously may not castle after it has teleported. Again, to emphasize: the King may not teleport while in check, may teleport only once during the game, and has the option to teleport to either of its own TELEPORTER starting squares only if that square is empty and the King does not teleport into check.

Zillions of Games

There is an implementation of Schizophrenic Chess for Zillions of Games. You can download it here:

Written by David Short. HTML conversion by Peter Aronson.
WWW page created: September 24th, 2002.