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These definitions are needed for clarification concerning the new games. Please read it carefully if you're not familiar with them.

1. A check is when the king could be captured by the opponent's next turn.
2. A stalemate is when all the remaining pieces are immobile even though the king is not in check. The consequence of being stalemated in BDChess is identical to being checkmated in (FIDE) chess.
3. The ultimate check is called checkmate, which is an inescapable check.
4. A turn is consist of either a move or a capture. In many cases, the move and the capture in QTChess are very distinctive from each other.
5. A move is the moving of one's own piece into an empty square.
6. A capture, on the other hand, is the moving of one's own piece into an empty square after an enemy piece has been captured and removed from the board.
7. A slide is a special continuous movement in a straight line that do not jump over any square, such as the movement of the rook and the bishop in (FIDE) chess.
8. Orthogonally is another word for "vertically or horizontally."

Written by Vu Q. Vo.
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