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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Daniel MacDuff.

XiangQi with Different Armies

As Storm the Ivory Tower is to Smess, so is this game to Ralph Betza’s Chess with Different Armies.  It is an odd combination of intuition and luck that forms these teams.  Enjoy.

Note: To do the more technical teams, I had to annex Betza’s funny notation:
“--” divides the settings of a piece.
“x” at the beginning means that the piece rotates x degrees every turn.  Without the x, the arrow at the end means that the piece changes into the next chunk each turn or, if nothing is after it, into the first.
“$x” signifies a rotation in a move.  Any direction markers are relative to the new direction it points.
“+” means that the stuff before and the stuff after are in different areas and are not part of the said rotation.
“&” means that the two notations joined must be done together.
“~&" means that they can be done together or only the first may be done.


Same as XiangQi


The following pieces remain the same:

Everything else is at the mercy of the team.

A few teams:
The Crushing Cannons
The Annhilating Elephants
The Rotating Reapers
The Diagonal Destroyers

The Crushing Cannons
A strong team with lots of cannon captures and moves.  Note that this makes nigh every encounter onesided.
Cannon- pnNN- the Panini- moves as a Horse-rider that must leap over exactly one piece to move.
Chariot- zpR- the Zipper- moves as a Crooked Rook that must jump over one piece to move.
Horse- smRcvpR- the Smirk Viper- moves, but doesn’t capture, sideways as a Rook and captures vertically as a Cannon.
Elephant- mAApcAN- the Ma Pecan- moves as an Alfil-rider, captures as a Alfil that must leap over a piece, or moves or captures as a Knight.  IT CAN CROSS THE RIVER!

The Annhilating Elephants
This team is crazy about the Elephant.  Expect lots of short-ranged jumpers.
Cannon- cWDA- the Forerunner- moves one square orthogonally to capture, or as an Alfil or Dababa.
Chariot- GANDLF- the Great Wizard- jumps 1-3 diagonally or jumps 2 orthogonally or moves as a Camel.
Horse- lArD (left) and rAlD (right)- the Lard and the Rald- the Lard jumps 2 diagonally left or orthogonally right.  The Rald is reversed.
Elephant- LFN- the Elephant 2.0- leaps one square diagonally and 0, 1, or 2 square orthogonally out.

The Rotating Reapers
This team is based off of the foreign Spearman.  Their moves can be changed.
Cannon- cpRmF--cFmR- the Guarded Cannon- in setting 1, moves as a Ferz or captures like a cannon.  In setting 2, captures like a Ferz and moves like a Rook.
Chariot- 90fRmsbR- the Charotator- moves as normal, but can only capture in one direction, which changes each turn.
Horse- mN  nN  - the Lame-ish Knight- in setting 1, moves, but doesn’t capture, as a Knight.  In setting 2, moves as a Horse.  Changes settings each turn.
Elephant- KADvL -- KNsL- the Spinning Elephant- moves as a King or, in Setting 1 only as an Alibaba or to the most vertical moves of a Camel, or, in Setting 2 only, as a Knight or to the most horizontal moves of a Camel.

The Diagonal Destroyers
This team has a lot of sliding diagonal pieces.  Most are very long range.
Cannon- mzBcpzB- Crooked Vao- moves and captures as a Crooked Bishop, except that when it captures, it must leap over exactly one piece.
Chariot- F~&$90fB + B- Biffon- moves one square diagonally and moves any number of squares (or none) perpendicular to that diagonal or moves as a Bishop.
Horse- jBnBD- the Bud- moves like a Bishop that can jump or jumps two squares orthogonally.  
Elephant- nL (through nD$0fF) + FnA- the Carriage- moves two squares orthogonally and one square diagonally outward or moves one or two squares diagonally.


All rules (except for those same exceptions as in CwDA) are the same as in XiangQi except when in ALL CAPS!!!


Not playtested.

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By Daniel Robert MacDuff.
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