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This page is written by the game's inventor, Rechefiltr is Fire. This game is a favorite of its inventor.


Chess-based game on standard board, with standard rules, winning conditions, kings, etc. No diff. Except for pieces. And their moves.



Pawn (p)

Type: Divergent.
As in chess. For your calm)))

Price: 1 

Warrior (w)

Type: Divergent 
Antipode of pawn.

Moves one step forward diagonally, captures one step forward.

But on start he can move two spaces diagonally forward.

Origins: Berolina.

Price: 2

Gold (G)

Type: Usual

Moves one step in any direction EXCEPT diagonally backward.

Only minor piece who as captures, as moves.

Origins: Shogi

Price: 4

Bisroos (Blooming Roses, B)

Type: Divergent

They are moving diagonally as Bishops, and capturing as Rooks, but 

one moment: they are making checks in those directions on which they MOVE. Kings can move in squares under their capture, because you can't capture kings.

Price: 4,5

Roobis (Ringing Bells, R)

Type: Divergent 

They are moving as Rooks, and capturing as Bishops, but they also are checking in those directions on which they move. Kings also can move to squares under their capture, and you cannot capture kings.

Price: 4,5

Torch (T)

Type: Usual

It moves in queen's straight directions, but he moves x spaces, and x is odd number (1, 3, 5, 7 etc.) Its moves' structure is Rider, i. e. if Torch meets something in 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. spaces on any straight direction, it's not stopping you. But if it meets something on its move's destination, Torch is blocked to go farther.

It's only piece (except for king) who is forbidden to be the promoted form of pawn-like pieces.

Origins: HERE!

Price: 8


Object of the game: to checkmate opponent's king.
Draw — like FIDE chess. Pawns & Warriors can promote to Bisroos, Goldens & Roobis. (No Torches!)

En passant: Pawn can make bypassing capture as in chess (can take Pawns and Warriors); Warrior can take opponent's Warriors if they move 2 spaces, and he captures them as if they stepped 1 space.

There is no castling here.

There is standard version; also it has simplified version.

In simplified Orthodia, Blooming Roses are moving as Rooks, and capturing as Bishops; Ringing Bells are moving as Bishops but capturing as Rooks; both make check by captures' directions. There is no en-passant.


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