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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Andy Maxson.

The magic mashers

here is another chess with different armies army. this army is very experimental.


rook: Quang trung rook  moves as rook but has unique capture method when capturing must go one extra pace away from enemy piece so captures as in checkers
knight: the barcfil (fwNbvNfA) moves as barc or forwards alfilis a pawn weaker than the knight
bishop: the mad elephant (nAR2) moves as two square rook or lame alfil
Queen: the goldamazon (fhCRfBN) moves as rook, knight, forwards bishop or forwards half camel this piece is worth an amazon which is a rook, bishop, or knight the funny thing is this would be the amazon of goldchess i was able to pull off having such strong queen by weakening the rest of my army. It gives mate by itself


This army is very experimental and, like the amazon army is top heavy. however, unlike the amazon army all pieces are new and don't take directly from one piece, the quang trung rook adds a nice touch this army will be interesting to see against the other chess with different armies armies including the experimental armies. Try at your own risk!

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