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The Chess Variant Pages

This page is written by the game's inventor, Mark Simpson. This game is a favorite of its inventor.

Grand Shatranj N W

Grand Shatranj N W (Noble Wing) is a merging of my three Noble Wing pieces Earl, Baron, & Archbishop, into the Grand Shatranj creation of Joe Joyce.
While Shatranj is a Game of short range pieces (maximum 4 Sq moves) - 
Gr Shatranj N W has removed the wing symmetry in favour of a full set of individual pieces + Pawns, that include two of longer range, giving a nod in the direction of standard Chess, while retaining the in depth flavour of Shatranj with it's jumpers.  

Non programmed preset can be found in Game Courier Game Logs/ sometimes active, or finished games.


10 x 10 - 100 Square chequered board.

10 individual pieces + 10 Pawns described & located in start positions below.


Start locations - White e2. Black e9.
Moves:- As standard chess King, 1 square in any direction.

Start locations - White d2. Black d9.
Moves:- 1 or 2 squares diagonally or orthogonally. May jump a piece.  

Start locations - White f2. Black f9. 
Moves:- 1 or 2 squares orthogonally, straight line, may jump, or as Knight moves.

Start positions - White g2. Black g9.
Moves:- 1 or 2 squares diagonally, straight line, may jump, or as Knight moves.

Start locations - White h2. Black h9.
Moves:- 2 stage diagonal jumper. Moves 1,2,3 or 4 squares diagonally - may jump one piece to empty or taking square, may repeat in a straight line, may take (ends Move) once only per move.
Optionally, so not colour bound, may move (but not take) one square orthogonally only. May not combine options in same move.  

Start locations - White i2. Black i9.
Moves:- As standard Chess Knight.

Start locations - White j1. Black j10.
Moves:- As Oliphant but orthogonally. No diagonal option.

ARCHBISHOP (elephant & dababba combo icon) 
Start locations - White c2. Black c9.
Moves:- As standard Chess bishop - unlimited diagonal slider (no jumps). Optionally may move (but not take) one square orthogonally - so not colour bound. May not combine options in same move.  

Start locations - White b2. Black c9.
Moves:- As standard Chess Knight. Optionally, can move (but not take) 1 square in any direction. May not combine options in same move.

EARL (elephant & dababba with Z icon)
Start locations - White a1. Black a10.
Moves:- As standard Chess Rook, unlimited orthogonal slider (no jumps). Optionally may move (but not take) up to 4 spaces diagonally. May not combine options in same move.

PAWNS - (10)
Start locations - White a3 - j3 inclusive. Black a8 - j8 inclusive.
Moves:- As standard Chess Pawns, so first move 1 or 2 square forward orthogonally, then 1 forward orthogonally, diagonal forward take only.


As standard Chess, with moves described above - Objective is to Checkmate the King.

With N W pieces (& Oliphant) - Archbishop, Baron, Earl, Check or Mate as a result of the Non taking move options IS valid.

Pawn Promotion - On reaching the 10th rank, Pawns may be promoted to any taken piece only, if non taken, Pawn remains untakable in place until a piece is lost (other than Pawn) - Pawn must then promote to that piece, at the time of loss, then takeable (free to move as it will be your turn).


From the original Shatranj, to Joe Joyce's Grand Shatranj - Shatranj N W is a small extension from that in the direction of Chess, with the more flexible Noble Wing pieces migrated in - so no two pieces in this game move the same way, though with many crossovers. About as far from tradition as you can get. May tempt more adventurous players, as I have learnt to my chagrin!.

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By Mark Simpson.
Web page created: 2013-04-29. Web page last updated: 2013-04-29