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Eurasian Chess ZIP file. Synthesis of European and Asian forms of Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Fergus Duniho wrote on 2004-03-16 UTC
Yes, language is fun to play with. And let me put to rest any suspicion of eurochauvisnism on my part by mentioning that I regard Asia as a much better rock group than Europe. :)

Jan Paerke wrote on 2004-03-16 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Yes, you are right, I was reading too much into what that person wrote. The word 'chauvinistic' was wrong too use in that occation. I didn´t mean to offend anybody. However: 'language is a virus from outer space' (Laurie Anderson). The suggested name 'Asiropean chess' inspired me to invent a chessvariant based on Eurasian chess. And I enjoyed it!

Fergus Duniho wrote on 2004-03-15 UTC
You wrote: 'someone earlier on this list indicated that the name
'Eurasian chess' implies a chauvinistic western standing, and the writer
suggests the name 'Asiropean' chess.'

You are reading way too much into what that person wrote. All he/she wrote
was ' what would an 'Asiropean Chess' look like? :-)' There
has never been any suggestion from anyone but you that the name 'Eurasian
Chess' implies any kind of chauvinism. And it's a ridiculous idea. The
simple fact is that eurasian is a real English word and asiropean is not.

Jan Paerke wrote on 2004-03-15 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I like the idea of Eurasian chess combining 'Western' and 'Eastern'
chess variants: it adds a global flavour to the chess concept. However,
someone earlier on this list indicated that the name 'Eurasian chess'
implies a chauvinistic western standing, and the writer suggests the name
'Asiropean' chess. 

Another possibility is to create another global chess variant named
Asiropean chess and stipulate the rules. So here we go:
- Asiropean chess are played exactly as Eurasian chess with following

- Pawns move like in chinese chess: on the home side area of the river
they move only one step straight ahead. Pawns never move diagonally. In
the area on the opposite side of the river they move one step
orthogonally(?), that is either one step straight ahead or one step
sidewards (never diagonally).

- Pawns may promote when entering the eighth line, or after a move on the
eighth, ninth or tenth line (if there are pieces allowing promotion
according to the Eurasian chess rules).

- Bishops and knights are not allowed to cross the river. However pawns
may promote to bishop or knight, but they are still not allowed to cross
the river.

I have not play tested those rules. Hope there are no bugs.

Jan Paerke

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