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Tori Shogi pictures. Pictures of a commercial Tori Shogi set.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
playshogi wrote on 2008-04-29 UTC
Great pieces! Just 1 thing I need to tell you: I need to distinguish between the quails.

John Lawson wrote on 2002-10-27 UTC
You have a good point about including a person for scale. The Wa Shogi page is already done, but you may get to savor my physiognomy in future photographic posts. Part of the reason few people appear, of course, is that most of us are solitary, so there's no one to hold the camera.

Ben Good wrote on 2002-10-26 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
nice pics.  very useful for those of us who are considering buying from
hodges but have never actually seen any of his sets.  <P>

one thing i'd like to mention here: even when measurements are provided,
it's always nice to have a pic of people playing the game, it helps give
an idea of size and scale that can be difficult to determine otherwise. 
yet such pics rarely appear on photo pages.

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