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Nana-ShogiA game information page
. Shogi variant on a tiny board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Jonathan Rutherford wrote on 2007-09-27 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
With the newer version of the rules, he should probably rename the 'rook'
and the 'swallow's wing'.  Since all the names are based on those of
larger variants, I doubt a replacement name for the 'rook' would be hard
to find.  The new 'swallow's wing' would probably have to have its new
name invented, as I doubt any other variant of shogi has the same move. 
In addition to this, I wish the rules for checkmate were revised and
simplified a bit, though I admittedly have not tested any others to see if
they are more playable.

But these minor nitpicks aside, this is a wonderful game.  I must admit
that Georg Dunkl's games are incredibly innovative and he has brilliantly
created some tiny little games.

I hope that the Nana Shogi ZRF can be updated with the new rules, not to
replace the old one (I enjoy the option of playing with the more powerful
pieces) but simply as the new standard, with the older as a variant.

Again, I highly recommend this game!

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