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Herculean Chess. 12 x 12 version of chess featuring 4 Rooks, 4 Bishops, 4 Leapers and 22 pawns. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Georg Spengler wrote on 2015-03-23 UTCAverage ★★★
Inferior to Hadean Chess. The Flying pieces fit better into the game with more restricted movements. In this ensemble they kinda "swallow up" the rooks and bishops, turning them into inferior pieces, for the flying pieces can do everything what they can do as well.

Matthew La Vallee wrote on 2008-09-07 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
Say, I'd be pleased if you would use my 'Dire Knight' icon as one of the knight, or zebra/-other- compounds... It's in the Alfaerie expansion pack #6. Here it is, Matt

💡📝Charles Daniel wrote on 2008-06-27 UTC
On a humorous note: 
If I were to take the Sorcerer Knight - remove the knight move and add the camel move - I would be in violation of a very *** patent! 

I can second  H. G. Muller's previous rating of said game from pure play-testing point of view. Two  lame Zebra-Camels are awkward on a  small rectangular board configuration with unprotected pawns from the onset. The game rapidly improves once they are exchanged but then one is merely playing orthodox chess on a slightly bigger board. 

Herculean chess (and up-coming Hadean Chess) emphasize the Ferz-Zebra/ Wazir compounds more. Having two leaping movements even zebra + knight much less zebra + camel plays awkwardly even on much bigger board and does not lend to pleasing game-play. 
I find the Sorcerer Knight version (both sliding dual path and leaping) a bit problematic  - and the last example game made me change Herculean to use the Ferz/Wazir compounds. 
On paper, two leaping movements or limited sliding movement as in Korean Chess etc seems interesting but never translates play-wise. It plays more like some sort of puzzle solving trivia than anything else. 

In effect I am criticizing my sub-variation for poor game-play along with similar piece form in different board.

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