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Har Meggido Chess. Missing description (15x18, Cells: 270) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Claudio Martins Jaguaribe wrote on 2010-09-17 UTC

I ask you to take a look to the making off, the tale and the mega doom project.


PS: I don't know how to make zrfs and the like.

Daniel Roth wrote on 2010-09-15 UTCGood ★★★★
Nice game. I would like to see that as a zrf.
But there are some stuff that needs to be improved.
a) The rule, which forbids two pawns/iron generals to stay in same colums should be removed for moving pawns/iron generals. It should be only valid for dropping pawns. The sense behind this change is that in this variant the pawns can also move diagonally forward. 

b) the promotions should be listed in a separate paragraph. In the current rules the rules about the pawn lining up intersects with the promotions of the pieces.

Daniil Frolov wrote on 2010-08-19 UTC
There was many three (and two) variants-based games before me, at least don't tell everywhere that you hate me.
Now i'm thinking about another alike variant, you infected me back :).

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