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Deception Chess. Each piece has two identities, Cloak and concealed Base.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anthony Viens wrote on 2020-03-03 UTCGood ★★★★

This is a really good idea, the only problem being it really needs a custom Chess set.

I'm guessing it would require similar bluffing strategy like Stratego. I can see myself thinking "hummm, that faux Pawn can't be anything valuable, it's too exposed.... unless that's what he wants me to think....or, he could be counting on me to think that's what he wants me to think...."


This actually has a decent chance of commercial success, in my opinion. It's got 'wow' factor, but close enough to normal Chess to feel familiar.

Great idea.

Greg Strong wrote on 2018-04-08 UTC

Having received no response regarding commercial availability of sets, and being unable to locate any evidence that there are any, I have removed the "Commercial" flag from this game.  I will be happy to restore it if sets become available (and I hope they do.)

David Cannon wrote on 2018-04-03 UTCExcellent ★★★★★

I like this concept. Pieces can suddenly "come out" as something else. I suppose this could be called a variant of chess with incomplete information — as the "true identity" of each player's pieces is known to the respective players, but not to their opponents. At the same time, cloaking forces the player to decide in advance which piece will morph into what, preventing arbitrariness. 

Greg Strong wrote on 2018-04-01 UTC

Congratulations, this is a very interesting idea.  I noticed the game is flagged "Commercial" but are commercial sets actually available?

Also, I have removed the flags for "Usual Equipment" as this game requires special interlocking pieces.

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