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Chess on a Soccer Ball. Missing description (Cells: 32) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Glenn Nicholls wrote on 2009-03-04 UTC
I wonder if somebody would be so kind as to help me put a ZRF file on the site. I am a member of the site but I simply do not know how to put a zillions file on.

David Cannon wrote on 2009-03-04 UTC
Thanks Joe! NO problem about the delay - I was just a bit worried because of the message on the main page that some parts of the site might not work until problems with the upgrade were resolved. That made me think that maybe my submission had fallen through the cracks somewhere. I'm relieved that hasn't happened! I'll get around to the Zillions link later tonight. I also have two other games to complete the Zillions information files for.

Joe Joyce wrote on 2009-03-03 UTC
David, I was slow - had several family things going on that have distracted me the past couple of weeks. You also need to go back into your zrf announcement page to complete the form so I can post that:

David Cannon wrote on 2009-02-24 UTC
I submitted this game six days ago, but it still hasn't been approved. Also, I notice that there appear to be no new games from anybody posted on the 'What's New?' page since last week. Isn't that a bit unusual? What's going on?

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