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Dark Chess variants. Possible other rules for Dark(ness) Chess. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
tommy alsop wrote on 2004-12-31 UTC
i have recently become introduced to the exciting chess varaint of dark
chess, after having spent over 2 years on a correspondence chess site
which offered no variants to the original game.
i have had my own thoughts on the game (i now play at so i
am unfamiliar with other websites versions of the rules) regarding knowing
where ones opponents pieces might be. the website on which i play doesnt
show the list of moves until after the game. instead it shows the move
number and 'w' then 'b' as links back to the corresponding positions.
thought it would be useful to show the moves which are known (ie, my moves
and some of my opponents) with 100% confidence in emboldened lettering. it
could also show in standard font the move (or moves if more than one
logical move) which one suspects might have been played, and then for the
unknown moves to be kept shrouded as ?'s or w/b's.
my second thought has already been noted. that is, regarding the actual
pieces which you know your opponent still has but that you dont know of
the exact locations.
the alternative rule about checking and mating is a new concept to me. i
am used to the rule where checking doesnt occur, and im quite happy with
it. i hope i read correctly, but i wouldnt like to be able to use my king
for 2 moves to be able to learn more about his neighbours before finally
settling on a 3rd safe move. i would have to play this rule in order to
better understand it.

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