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Comments/Ratings for a Single Item

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Later Reverse Order EarlierEarliest

Permalink to the exact comments currently displayed.

Query Parameters


Specifies the CommentID of a particular comment. This will be an integer. Shows only this comment and causes all other parameters to be ignored.
Specifies a starting point from which comments will be selected in ascending order by CommentID, stopping when the limit is reached.
Specifies a starting point from which comments will be selected in descending order by CommentID, stopping when the limit is reached.
first and last
When used together, these specify a precise range of comments that begins with first and ends with last. When the limit is not already set, it will be set equal in size to this range or to 100, whichever is less.
Specifes how many comments to return. The default is 25 or the difference between first and last, though not exceeding 100, which is the maximum size allowed.

Search Filters

Specifies the name or PersonID of a commentor whose comments will be displayed. This checks the Name column, which is usually used for a PersonID, but has sometimes been used for a name.
Set this as true to only include comments with a PersonID matching "author" (not non-logged-in users).
Specifies a particular itemid to display comments for. Useful for displaying the comments for a particular page. This value must be entirely in ASCII and no longer than 64 characters.
Provides a search expression to search the comment text for. This is a fulltext index search. Searching is handled with MATCH AGAINST. If your expression includes any of the special characters used in BOOLEAN MODE, it will use that mode. These are +, -, <, >, (, ), ~, *, and ". Otherwise, it will search for a comment that includes any of the words you entered, which will broaden the search rather than narrow it.

Other Filters

Displays only comments posted to pages.
Displays only comments posted to game pages.
Displays only rated comments. Note that only comments on pages can be include ratings.
Displays only subject comments. These are comments that are identified by a subject of discussion rather than a page.


Specifies the column in the Comments table to sort the results on. The default is CommentID, which is the table's auto-incremented primary key. It is mostly in the same order as CommentDate but will sort faster. Other sortable options include ItemID, Rating, Commentary, and Name. When anything but CommentID is used, or when first or last is used, this will affect only the display order of the results, and it will be handled in the SQL as an outer select.
Specifies the order in which results will be processed and displayed. The default is ASC, which will list results in ascending order. For CommentID or CommentDate, this would be chronological order. For text strings, it would be alphabetical order. The other possible value is DESC, which will list the same results in descending order. This will normally be reverse chronological order or z-a order. This does not have to match the selection order used with first and last. These are independent of each other, and when they are different, the display order will be indicated with an outer select.