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Soucie. Moves on queen-lines exactly as many squares as there are pieces on that line.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Mary Ellen Waithe wrote on 2007-09-24 UTC

Thank you for naming the 'Soucie' for my father. I could never beat him at chess so I tired of the challenge quite early in life, I'm afraid. However, I did question him tirelessly about miracles to the point that he called me 'a goddamned philosopher.' So I became one.

Mary Ellen (Soucie) Waithe

RONAT wrote on 2005-05-31 UTC
The problem is cooked by 1.Rd8 SOg8 2.SOd7 Kd3+ 3.Kd5 Ke3 4.e5 SOd1=

Ben Good wrote on 2004-08-02 UTC
it appears that the anonymous posting is correct, that e5 should be empty in the problem. unfortunately my SG8 issue is packed away in a box somewhere and is not accessible, but once it's unpacked again, i'll check to see if it's a typo in the original or just a typo i made when i made the page. thanks for pointing that out, i'll update the diagram when i can.

Anonymous wrote on 2004-07-29 UTC
The movement examples and the solution both imply that the pawn on e5 is an optical illusion.

Mary Ellen wrote on 2002-11-12 UTC
Just discovered your page. My father, Claude Soucie, would have felt
honored.  Although LOA was undoubtedly his best game, WATCH! is also quite
delightful.  And one of his earliest, a card game that reflected his
lifelong love of humor, BIG FUNERAL, was played by the entire family (7
kids) at his wake!

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