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ChessVariants.zrf. 17 variants in 1 file.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Smith wrote on 2008-12-22 UTC
Loss-condition should be King capture, not checkmate. You should also implement win-condition of just King and blocked Pawns.

(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2008-12-21 UTC
I know, Fighting Chance isn't that good as a actual game, but I included it anyways. Zillions playing seems to promote to bishops a lot. To see how it was programmed, just follow the download link and you will see the codes. Search for 'Fighting chance chess' within the file to see its programming. I don't know if I programmed it perfectly though, maybe I made a mistake. But look at the codes anyways

John Smith wrote on 2008-12-21 UTC
Ha ha, I'm honoured to have my Fighting Chance in there, but I intended it to be used as a problem theme, not for a regular game. If anything it would be used for Xiang Qi or, maybe, Shogi. Since I don't have Zillions of Games, could you tell me how you programmed it? Does Zillions play well?

(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2008-12-09 UTC
You need Z_GenImg library to run this file.

David Cannon wrote on 2008-12-09 UTCPoor ★
Am I the only one who can't play this one? The script appears broken - the file won't load and displays an error message.

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