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Blizzard ChessA story, poem or other fictional work
. What would Chess be like if it had been developed by the computer industry?[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2008-08-02 UTC
Patch 1.01 d- and e-Pawns no longer move 2 squares. Patch 1.25 deals with asymmetry. Castling asymmetry. 4 possibilities now, Queen castles Queenside, Queen Kingside, King Queenside and King Kingside, all fixed as before.

Marc D wrote on 2005-07-02 UTC
I wonder where to get the zrf file from

My mail adress is [email protected]


Larry Smith wrote on 2005-06-30 UTC

I tried to send you a copy of the implementation.  The e-mails are
returned as undeliverable.  Is your address listed on this site active?

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-06-30 UTC
Good point about the discovered check with that particular rule.

I used a little programming trick to get this to work.  I'll send you the
implementation so that you can admire it.  But basically, I used the
Zillions engine itself to perform most of the function.

As to the shape of the Knight leap, I opted for the simple 'L' pattern. 
This means that Pawns orthogonally adjacent to the Knight's position are
captured using this rule.  This would continue to allow Pawns to threaten
the Knight un-opposed.  But if there is a big demand to include any
adjacent Pawn, I can implement this in a variant.

This implementation is still in need of some serious play-testing.

Peter Aronson wrote on 2005-06-30 UTC
How did you deal with: <blockquote> <b>Patch 1.12</b> <p> Pawns have become too powerful, so we have altered the behavior of the Knight. From now on a Knight may capture a Pawn belonging to the opponent by jumping over it, as well as by landing upon it. This new ability may be used to allow a Knight to capture 2 pieces per turn. Jump Captures may only be performed on Pawns, and no other piece, and cannot be used to place the opponent's King in Check. </blockquote> Since the Knight's path is not defined? Also, if I understand the restriction 'cannot be used to place the opponent's King in Check', that forbids removing a Pawn to create discovered check -- isn't that kind of tricky to test for with Zillions? <p> I'd be interesting in looking at the ZRF . . .

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-06-29 UTC
If anyone is interested, I've worked up a Zillions implementation of this game. After about the tenth turn, the field will look like it got hit by a blizzard.

Larry Smith wrote on 2005-06-29 UTCGood ★★★★
Disturbingly funny. Its upgrade reasoning has an air of familiarity. ;-)

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