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H. G. Muller wrote on Tue, Jun 11 12:34 PM UTC in reply to Aurelian Florea from 11:43 AM:

There are no pictures in cgi-bin. By convention it is a directory for server-side scripts/programs, which will run to create dynamic content for sending to the client. The file fen2.php there dynamically creates PNG images, by rendering SVG images with sizes and colors that can be specified in the URL as a so-called query string.

The SVG images it seeks in the directory /graphics.dir/svg/xxx, where xxx is the value specified for theme in the query string t=xxx. Any file yyy.svg in that directory can be rendered, by specifying p=yyy in the query string.

Unfortunately the server does not provide direct access to these directories through the HTTP web interface, because there is a file index.html in them which will be retreived with priority. This is supposed to contain an overview of what is available, but it might not be up to date. (It is a static file, so it would have to be edited to include new images added to the set.) The trick to get around this is to use a script 'list.php' that is also in those directories, and will generate the output that the server would have given you when the index.html file had not been present. (Which is a list of filenames; no preview of what they contain. The Play-Test Applet uses these scripts to build its piece table.) E.g. /graphics.dir/svg/alfaerie/list.php.