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A. DeWitt wrote on 2023-04-11 UTC

It seems that the script for editing a page's index information is a bit broken. For example, I am trying to check the fields 2d and Shogi-based for MSshuka and MPshuka because I forgot to do so when initially creating them, but every time I try to do so, it doesn't work. This is the case even if I delete them and restore them afterwards. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I thought I'd create a page for Honno Shuka (Shuka + 1 Chu Shogi Queen, placed halfway b/w the Bishop and Rook at setup), which bridges the gap between Shuka and Shosu Shogi, before deciding that the game should be kept under Shuka's lore section. However, now that I am trying to delete MShonnoshuka, I am having the same problem that I encountered when I accidentally made MSshoka instead of MSshuka. Namely, MShonnoshuka is still in the database, but the database has been tricked into thinking MShonnoshuka has been deleted.