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Wide Nightrider Chess. Chess on a 12x10 board with Nightriders, Champions and fast castling rules.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Kevin Pacey wrote on Sun, Mar 5 12:19 PM UTC in reply to David Paulowich from 01:45 AM:

@ David

For Wide Nightrider Chess I wanted the Nightriders to start on the back ranks of the setup, plus not that many pieces added, so I didn't have the pawns on the 3rd ranks of each side in the setup - here's a later CV of mine that did do so, with a bigger army for each side (it was not based on TenCubed Chess, but might have been):

edit: Here's another 12x10 CV, this one by J-L Cazaux:

edit2: Yet another 12x10 CV (maybe the most popular one!?), by E Greenwood: