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Alibaba. Jumps two orthogonally or diagonally.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Kevin Pacey wrote on Wed, Feb 1 07:26 PM UTC in reply to David Paulowich from 07:06 PM:

For 8x8 FIDE Chess I use P=1;N=3.49(micro-less than B - normally I say 3.5);single B=3.5;R=5.5;Q=R+B+P=10 and K's fighting value=4(the same as a guard's value, to keep it simple).

With N=3.5, using my own crude, flawed ways of estimating fairy piece values, I get AD (aka Spider)=2.25 on 8x8. Makes sense to me that it would be less than FA (aka Modern Elephant)=3.125 on 8x8 (by my estimate), though H.G. Muller values FA about same as a N on 8x8 if I recall correctly.

I've often slipped in H.G. Muller's rules of thumb for values when all else fails, though I still don't fully trust computer analysis to give reliable piece values for a given board size (e.g. may well depend at least to some extent on what else is on the board, and where exactly it's placed, in the setup used by a given computer study).