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Adam DeWitt wrote on 2021-10-14 UTC

This preset of yours for detecting captures is huge. The fact that it reliably detects where the suicide occured means that I can use it to test whether the suicide is a King's move away from the moving Fire Demon and ensure that no suicides are done when a non-Fire Demon moves, which should solve the majority of problems with coding the burning move. If something similar could be used to detect the type of piece affected by the suicide, that should be everything I need to enforce the burning rules using suicides, at least in theory. Best of all, I can just ask players that haven't made a burn after moving a Fire Demon rather than worry about displaying legal moves on the board.

You could adapt it. For the multi-move variants, there are usually the same number of move parts each turn. So, it makes sense for these games to do the multi-part analysis globally for all pieces. But for games that include pieces with multi-part moves, you may want to reserve the multi-part analysis for specific pieces and tailor it to each piece that needs it.

This is what the original Suzumu Shogi preset (and all presets using the same general codebase) does, which is largely thanks to its isdoublemove subroutine. So, I guess I could use integers instead of booleans and sub ismultimove instead of sub isdoublemove to keep track of which part of the move suffices. The only major problem is that I'm not exactly sure how to enforce rules for the third part of a three-part move. Perhaps I am overthinking it though. Perhaps just copy-pasting and tweaking the code for the second part of multi-moves will be enough. This requires testing, but thankfully, the Taishin Shogi preset (which is fully coded, at least for enforcing the old rules) affords just such an opportunity.

Edit: I figured out how to detect the type of piece that committed the suicide. Now we should be all good.