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Two Move Chess. Designed to alleviate the first move advantage for White using double moves, while retaining the tactics of international chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ted Larson Freeman wrote on 2021-08-29 UTC

Michael, you are nearly correct. If a player is reduced to a bare king and is not in check, the only way it would not be stalemate on his turn would be if the king could capture an opponent's piece, or if his opponent has just taken a single move turn and the king still has a legal move available.

See Example 4 in the Notes section. Also, consider the position at the end of the game in Example 5. If play were to continue it would lead to stalemate as soon as Black captures or blocks the advancing pawn (unless White is in a position to immediately capture Black's pawn or bishop).

Because of this, players need to carefully consider endgame positions to make sure not to inadvertently end a game in stalemate.