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Galactic Graphics. Download this new set of graphics used in Roberto Lavieri's games![All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-05-24 UTC

I found it by viewing an image in a new tab then cutting off the filename from the URL. I'll add the direct link to the page next time I get the chance.

Ah, I didn't try that, because for most piece sets it would not work, since the main page for those is index.html, and using the URL of the directory would just redirect you to that main page. But here the main page is galactic.html.

It would be convenient if the page could contain the piece names as caption to the images. Even knowing the directory they are in, it is very annoying to have to open them all one by one when you are looking for a certain image. (E.g. what the heck is a 'Super'?)

At the very least, the images shown on the page should use the descriptive filenames, so the user can learn these by inspecting the image, or display the page source.