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Interactive diagrams. Diagrams that interactively show piece moves.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
H. G. Muller wrote on 2021-05-19 UTC

The diagram now has an experimental implementation of repetitions of modifier groups through parenthesizing those. The parentheses must be followed by a number to indicate the maximum number of repetitions. The minimum number of repetitions is zero, i.e. the parenthized group is optional. (Refresh browser cache!)

An example is the Cannon in the diagram below: it is defined as (paf)3R. This expands to RpafRpafpafRpafpafpafR, i.e. a move with 1 to 4 sliding legs, all in the same (orthogonal) direction, which all except the final one must end on an occupied square (p). That means it is a multi-hopper, which can hop over up to 3 pieces.

As other examples the diagram defines a Mao-rider and and a Quintessence. The implementation is done through expanding the text string before feeding it to the Betza parser. At most a single pair of parentheses can occur per atom, otherwise the result will be undefined.

satellite=testje files=12 ranks=12 graphicsDir=/graphics.dir/alfaeriePNG35/ promoZone=1 maxPromote=1 squareSize=35 graphicsType=png useMarkers=1 symmetry=none pawn::fmW*fceF::a3-l3 quintessence::(az)7N:unicorn:,,c12 mao rider::afs(afzafz)5W:rhino:,,j12 cannon::(paf)3R::,,a12 slip queen::qQ:falcon:,,g12 knight:N:::b1,k1 bishop::::c1,j1 rook::::a1,l1 queen::::g1 king::::f1,,f12