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Citadelir chess. Grand chess + Tamerlane chess + Omega Chess.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daphne Snowmoon wrote on 2020-06-02 UTC

@Fergus Duniho


I updated some piece images. I replaced the Cannon image with the Dabbabah image, the shield image with the Champion image, and the Berolina Pawn image with the Steward image. This will make the diagrams clearer to those who are already familiar with the standard images used for particular pieces. The Guard in this game is more or less the same as the Steward in John William Brown's Centennial Chess. Details about whether it can make double moves or capture by en passant should be included.

: I modified the pieces and I changed the image to fit the modified pieces.


The leaper diagram suggests that the Templar moves as the Knight. If this is the case, then the description would be clearer if it said that it moves as the Knight. As it is written, the description sounds like that of the Horse in Chinese or Korean Chess, which follows a particular path and may be blocked on the first step. Instead of saying that a piece moves as a Templar without moving as an Ox, it would be clearer to say that it moves as a Knight.

: Sorry, but Templar's move remains. because on the 8x8 board, the knight and bishop have similar powers, but at 12x12, the bishop is much stronger than the knight, so we had to add new move to the knight to balance it.

- Templar's move : Templar is a leaper. It can move like the knight, or the ox. whether you move as a knight or as ox, it can leap. but it cannot capture a piece when it move like the ox.