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Futashikana Shogi. Expanded version of Shosu Shogi played on an 11x11 board.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Aurelian Florea wrote on 2019-05-26 UTC

@Ilya Novikov

The queen is already a strong piece to be droped anywhere on the board, but it still has the disadvantage of not being anything special in close combat so it does not have that much king capturing potential when the king is still well defended by friendly pieces.

The lyon on the other  is a monster on close fights. It sniper oppopens who cannot defend themseles (like silvers from lateral positions) and can also kill 2 which can come in quite handy in tsume situations.

In chu shogi the lyon has plenty of midgame oponent as the DK and DH are not vulnerable to it.

Also the castle is strong from the start by also having blind tigers and frankly just plenty of pieces around it. But a droped lyon seems to me still an unstopable force. Assuming regular king move of course.

That being said I'm contemplating twice moving silvers or twice moving golds as an promotion option in a future variant.