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Duel Chess. Captured pieces are sent to a separate Duel board to see who is eliminated and who returns. (2x(5x7), Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Erez Schatz wrote on 2003-06-30 UTC
Thanks for the comment, as for your question:

1. When the Duel board is full, and a player makes a capture instead of
making a move on the Duel board, that player is 'punished' by having one
of his (or her) pieces removed permanetly from the duel board (and from
the game). Therefore, that player makes the choice of which piece to
remove from the Duel board. 
This also maintains the spirit and concept of the variant since the
capturing player always makes the decision of where on the Duel board to
place the captured piece.

2. Returned pieces have different attributes when returned to the Main
board (bishops can be placed on either colour, pawns lose their double
step). Since I decided to allow for Pawns double move, the players will
have to keep track of which pawns can double move and which cannot. 
Given the small number of pawns, this didn't rise as a problem during
playtesting, especially since Pawns behave mostly as cannon fodders while
on the Duel board.
While there are several solutions to this issue, it seems that in order to
maintain the spirit of the game as I see it would be to keep the rules as