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Duel Chess. Captured pieces are sent to a separate Duel board to see who is eliminated and who returns. (2x(5x7), Cells: 43) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Carlos Martín-Fuert wrote on 2003-06-30 UTCGood ★★★★
I like your game very much, and find it original. The only game I can think
that it faintly resembles is 'Afterlife Chess' (an Egyptian-themed chess
whose author I do not remember now, where captured pieces went to another
board instead of just being declared dead), but this game is quite

Anyway, I have 2 questions (about minor aspects of the game):

1.- When the Duel Board is full, and one more piece is taken, and there's
one of the opponent's pieces on the Duel Board to be declared dead and
replaced... Who is it that chooses which piece is to be killed, the
capturer or the captured's side?

2.- If returned pawns do not have double-step move, and pawns can be
returned into their 2nd row... is it possible then, that two pawns be in
the 2nd row, one of them having double-step move option (still unmoved)
and the other one not having it (because it be a returned piece)?

Does this mean that we have to 'keep track' throughout the game of which
pawns still have double-step move options?