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Stepping-stones of Chess. A Book by Shaye-Alexander Ellis Nicholls of Merridonia.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
💡📝Glenn Nicholls wrote on 2017-06-25 UTC

With reference to my previous comment regarding the moves of the  Characters (pieces) called the Tiger-prince and the Tiger-emperor, I ought to add that Tigers do indeed sometimes "hit" their prey with a leap (or pounce) from the side and this can result in a "follow through" of differing angles.  Of course, a "Tigerish" Person could perhaps also move and strike like this in a Medieval Battle. There is also a Tiger-princess as well in this page.

Of course, various combinations are possible of these Characters, but only one is mentioned on my pages, and that is the TigerGuard (one word), and he combines the powers of the Tiger-prince and the Tiger-princess - see my page TigerSquares (also one word).

The Tiger-emperor could, of course, and perhaps better so, be called the Tiger-king, but I have decided on Emperor due to his strength - but he may be too strong to bring into a Game - the Tiger-prince and Tiger-princess are strong enough.