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Stepping-stones of Chess. A Book by Shaye-Alexander Ellis Nicholls of Merridonia.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on 2017-06-21 UTC

I'm not sure what you're describing, but you should be aware that you have three options when editing text. One option is to use CKEditor in WYSIWYG mode. One is to use CKEditor with Codemirror in Source mode. And the third is to turn off JavaScript and not use CKEditor at all. When editing a page, you normally begin in Source mode with CKEditor using Codemirror, because WYSIWYG mode can mess up your hand-crafted HTML if you use that mode. If you originally wrote you page in WYSIWYG mode, you can switch to that mode. Or if you have hand-crafted HTML in which spacing matters, and Codemirror is messing this up, you can just turn off JavaScript, and CKEditor will not change anything you type in. With Chrome, you can turn off JavaScript using the menu that pops up when you click on the i in a circle beside the URL in the navigation bar. In FireFox, you can use an extention like NoScript or WebDeveloper to turn it off.