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Upgrade chess. Upgrade initially weak pieces by capturing. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Daniil Frolov wrote on 2017-06-19 UTC

Re-reading some of my old variants, I thought about Knappen's comment. And I think, the possible solution of the game's "weakness" is to add the "treasures": non-movable neutral pieces, that could be captured by euther player and add 1 level. It would also add some more spirit of adventure RPG. But how to introduce them? Possible variants:<br/>

1) They are initially set in fixed position. But what position is the best?<br/>

2) Sometimes they appear randomly, with certain limitations (the most obvious - they should not be able to be captured on the sybsequent turn, but shouldn't there be more complex restrictions?).<br/>

3) Players do drop them, again, with certain limitations (e.g. - they should not be under one's pieces attack, or they should be on the opposing half of board).<br/>

4) They are initially placed randomly and hidden, and don't obstruct the movement, and once piece moves, it gets the number of treasures around (as in Minesweeper game). Alternative variant - rather than being placed randomlly, they are placed by player on his half of board, and of course, one can collect only opponent's treasures.<br/>

Another solution - respawning pieces, retaining they level (or reducing only by 1). But it also should be somehow restricted...<br/>

Do somebody have other ideas?