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Many Worlds Chess. Large variant, inspired by the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anonymous wrote on 2016-10-17 UTC

I tried playing this game with a friend; here's a link to the game. 

It's organized by columns: leftmost column of boards is the starting position, next column is white's first turn, next one is black's first turn, etc. My friend was white (about 1100 elo); I was black (about 2000) elo. We didn't look at the comments beforehand so didn't see the winning strategy, but as you can see I won in four moves anyway.

Verdict: I think it's very difficult to avoid a quick end to this game. My proposed fix would be add two blank boards at the start of the game, and to allow kings to move between boards. Allows your king to escape danger more easily.

Another option to lengthen the game would be to require the capture of, say, three kings to win, rather than just one.

The main winning strategy using these rules would be to get the opponent to have several of their kings on the same board, and then fork those kings.