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Hexgi. A Wellisch-style hex interpretation of Shogi, with "officers" using selected orthogonals. (Cells: 91) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
🕸Fergus Duniho wrote on Mon, Mar 7, 2016 03:04 AM UTC:
<P>When generating a hexagonal board, you need to checker it with three colors, not just two. Here's an example:</P> <IMG SRC="/play/pbm/drawdiagram.php?code=%7Br%7E%7D%7B_jg_1dn%7Dr%7Bge%7D%7B_jg_1dn%7D%7Br%7E%7D-----%7Bsm7%7D%7Bcd%7D%7Bsm7%7D%7Bcd%7D%7Bsm4%7D%7Bcd%7D%7Bsm4%7D----1%7Bw%7E%7D%7Bw%7E%7D%7Bw%7E%7D%7Bw%7E%7D%7Bw%7E%7D%7Bw%7E%7D1---9--10-11-10--9---1%7BW%7E%7D%7BW%7E%7D%7BW%7E%7D%7BW%7E%7D%7BW%7E%7D%7BW%7E%7D1----%7BSM4%7D%7BCD%7D%7BSM4%7D%7BCD%7D%7BSM7%7D%7BCD%7D%7BSM7%7D-----%7BR%7E%7D%7B_JG_1DN%7D%7BGE%7DR%7B_JG_1DN%7D%7BR%7E%7D&cols=11&files=%21a+%21b+%21c+%21d+%21e+%21f+%21g+%21h+%21i+%21j+%21k&set=alfaerie-many&shape=hhex&board=210.102.021."> <P>This differs from yours by using a checker pattern of <Q>210.102.021.</Q>