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Generic Chess Piece Creation System. This is a system for construction of pieces, using ideas from RPG games.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Matthew edit wrote on Sun, Dec 6, 2015 12:47 PM UTC:
Actually, I made a mistake when creating the "Rifleman" piece. It
doesn't need rifle capture (because Kamikaze), and therefore it costs
13.75 pts, which is an even more ridiculous cost. 16 riflemen therefore
cost only 220 pts, which is like 2 queens.
I also suggest the removal of "repeat infinite" modifier; it can be
superseded by "repeat x" and its removal makes lances less overpowered.
However, to balance it, I'd suggest making the cost for "repeat x" less
for further repeats, for example: repeat x, cost *(x for every repeat up to
the 4th, inclusive. For every repeat beyond the 4th, add only 0.5 to the
multiplier). That prevents standard pieces from having a too prohibitive
cost (R7 would cost 76 pts in this system), while nerfing lance spam,
especially on large boards (where all of the long-range pieces need to have
a bigger value anyways so that they don't overwhelm the short-range