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Ramayana Chess. Chess variant inspired by the Ramayana epic. (Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
(zzo38) A. Black wrote on 2013-12-27 UTC

You didn't mention notations of pieces which aren't starting on the board. I can make up a suggestion (if you don't like it, make up the new one):

  • X = Buddha
  • J = Maharajah

A variant which may be possible if you want to add slightly some more Buddha, would be: If the Untouchable piece that has never captured anyone reaches the final row, it is also promoted to the Buddha. I would expect such a thing is also unlikely, but maybe it isn't unlikely enough.

I also noticed, this is the kind of game that the other pieces does not block your way.

There seem to be the possibility to move the Rakshasa next to a royal piece both in where it comes from and where it is moving into, and can keep to continue from there one or other player. If you don't like this, the variant can be done, that it is not allow to make a move of a Rakshasa ending up adjacent to a royal piece (of either color) if no pieces are removed from board as the result (pieces are removed either by capturing, or by the Rakshssa's requirement to remove the piece near it that allows it to move).