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Lion. Powerful piece from Shogi variant.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Greg Strong wrote on 2013-10-23 UTC
I don't really like the idea of commoners promoting and then further promoting, including to primordial commoners.  This would lead to two classes of commoners, something that has no parallel in chess and would be confusing.

I'm also not sure about your last idea of pedistal promotion - the promotion zone is only one move away for a rook or bishop and they would get a powerful promotion.  This would require constant guarding of the promotion zone, and unlike Chu I don't know if there's enough power to make that practical (and guarding empty squares is also not chess-like.)

I think the Grand Chess promotion rule would probably be the best in terms of playability.  Pawn automatic promotion to Queen is also not bad, or promotion to any piece except Lion.