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Augmented Chess. Players give standard chess pieces small additional movement possibilities from predescribed set. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
PBA wrote on 2002-03-26 UTCExcellent ★★★★★
I recently finished a PBeM game of this variant with Tony Quintanilla (which I won't post due to embarassing turn 18 mate by a RNA supported by a BD <g>), and found this a very exciting game. <p> As we all know, a Pawn is only as strong as the hand that holds it, and Tony usually beats me at games that fairly closely resemble usual Chess. But I found this game particularly interesting as I was sure I had picked a stronger team than his: <blockquote> <DL> <DT><B>White (PBA)</B></DT> <DD><B>Queen</B>: RfbNFA</DD> <DD><B>Rook</B>: RfbN</DD> <DD><B>Bishop</B>: BW</DD> <DD><B>Knight</B>: NF</DD> </DL> <p> <DL> <DT><B>Black (TQ)</B></DT> <DD><B>Queen</B>: RNA</DD> <DD><B>Rook</B>: RF</DD> <DD><B>Bishop</B>: BD</DD> <DD><B>Knight</B>: NW</DD> </DL> </blockquote> Now Tony's Knight is color-changing, and his Bishop is color-bound, but with all of that power on the board, it didn't seem to matter. I suspose if the game had lasted longer and we had gotten down to fewer pieces, it might. As it was, it felt like playing in a minefield (which, IMHO opinion, is a <u>good</u> thing).