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Gnus. Makes (1-2)-jump or (1-3)-jump.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Ben Reiniger wrote on 2011-07-21 UTC
I would probably agree that forking isn't increased with triangulation; I hadn't though about it long.  On the other hand, if the guarded square is friendly, triangulating means attacking some new squares while still guarding the old one.  I don't think in general that attacking a new square or attacking an old square is more advantageous, but having _both_ options is certainly nice.

Anyway, I hadn't really looked at which pieces were being discussed below yet.  You're correct that the bison doesn't triangulate (despite not being colorswitching), so my argument doesn't help in that discussion.  I wanted in my previous post just to present one reason why colorswitching may be detrimental.  (As a side note, the interaction of colorswitching with colorbound pieces is interesting.)

I agree about the bison vs. centaur.  The bison is an annoyance at range, and the centaur is strong locally.  In For the Crown, I have found the bison to be particularly nice in the early to midgame, especially since the attack cannot be blocked by dropping a piece adjacent to the King (in particular with the Guard's order).