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Emperor Chess. Large chess variant with a Commander (Queen + Knight), two Queens, and two Emperors (Bishop + Lame Dabbabah-rider) per side. (12x12, Cells: 144) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
John Ayer wrote on 2003-02-19 UTC
Another argument in favor of adding the zebra's leap to the knight's: the knight on a standard chessboard can reach the last rank by three 'forward' leaps (two squares forward and one sideways) and a 'sideways' leap (one forward and two sideways). The zebra on a twelve-by-twelve board can also reach the furthest rank by three 'forward' leaps (three squares forward and two sideways) and a 'sideways' leap (two squares forward and three sideways). A knight on a central square of a standard chessboard threatens eight squares out of sixty-four, one-eighth of the total. A combination zebra and knight on a central square of a twelve-by-twelve-square board threatens sixteen squares out of a hundred forty-four, one-ninth of the total. By comparison, a nightrider on a central square of an empty twelve-by-twelve-square board threatens twenty squares, not quite one-seventh of the total. Of course the board would not usually be empty.