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Way of the Knight. Pieces with experience levels: a `role playing variant'.[All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-08-17 UTC
The questioner restarting the Knightmate comments recently asks, ''What if Knightmate army is played against FIDE army?'' Betza's different armies are invented first during 1970s like Knightmate. Different Armies make a legitimate new Cluster, credited as Betza origination, there being few prior examples; couple of precursors include Maharajah and arguably even 18th-century Odds chesses. Way of the Knight is another Betza different-armies method CVPage put up fifteen years ago before Chess Different Armies itself, once called Chess Unequal Armies. Like Betza's Nemeroth, forgotten Way of the Knight gets referred to by Betza maybe more than anyone else has read or played the mutants of this article. The main difference is that Way of the Knight players develop their own differentiated armies somewhat by choice in play. It is apparent how spinoffs, creative Pocket Mutation for one, occur from the Way of the Knight.