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Ramayana Chess. Chess variant inspired by the Ramayana epic. (Cells: 84) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-08-09 UTC
Devapala, that's a Camel, not a Giraffe, so the piece can negotiate the Archipelago. Charles Gilman asks that too in the first comment here seven years ago! I am sure Camel is the intent as well the optimization. And Yavana is intended Camel and Wazir. My earlier comment reference to Giraffe is sidetracked by topic of board symmetry, which discussion was including several threads, unusually so seeming out of context, in which Ramayana only figured. This now corrects March 2009 comment's error, as types board symmetry would hardly bear on whether the piece-type is Camel or Giraffe. Campos' perfectly good serious CV, Ramayana, must have Devapala as Camel. For example, move sequence by starting Devapala at a8, as a8-d9-c6-f5-i4-h1-i4-l5-m8-p9. Also convincing is that in compounds all the other regulars are there: Knight, Wazir, Ferz, Alfil, and Dabbabah. Although 84 squares, the board is thought of as 11x16.