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Cannibal Chess and Absorption Chess. Pieces gain the powers of a piece they take. (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
George Duke wrote on 2010-07-28 UTC
The very first comment of the four here under ''all comments'' connects Absorption and Crazyhouse as about chess variants number 1 and number 2 for decades, a matter for poll or opinion. Absorption Chess was put up February 1999. It is in the 'ECV' of 1994. How old are Absorption and Cannibal? Someone beat me to an 'ECV' for an estimate. Designer Cannon refers to ''the idea of pieces merging with other pieces.'' That is used occasionally before 1994 in other 'ECV' examples too. Strict Cannibal here is somewhat different whilst being related in that the movement of capturer changes fully to the captive's. Longtime standby Absorption, however, is in fact additive by merging, the common re-creation within CVPage material of the quite old idea. Besides his own, Cannon is referring to Duniho's Fusion of November 1999, Fusion Chessgi of November 1999, and Assimilation of March 2001 among others that may be pertinent. Betza's different styles of augmented piece-type powers are also worth looking at in Augmented Chess, Inverse Capture etc. We have incorporated CVs that represent a spectacular, creative, or interesting Mutator into the Next Chess project Track One. For examples, Switching Chess and Fantasy Grand (for different armies) and Black Ghost (for a subtle white-black equalizer by weak piece-type). There are a hundred Mutators that would get more recommendation than Absorption, yet the Absorption mutator has been worthwhile in its moderately-numbered implementations. Absorption as an idea for CVs has not been hit hard by over-proliferation. In another instance, Daniels links a CV using merging upon capture also in these same four comments. It, Absorption, too may have been some little inspiration for Nelson's Pocket Mutation. That one, Pocket Mutation, makes the modality for upward mobility of piece-type strength repeat promotions rather than repeat captures.