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Yáng Qí. Yankee ingenuity adds new power to Chinese Chess. (9x10, Cells: 90) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Anonymous wrote on 2003-02-06 UTC
<p>If you want to have one Bishop and Arrow on each color, yet keep the setup more or less symmetrical, another option is to play on a board with an even number of columns (for example 8 so that the game is <i>westernized</i> a little more).</p> <p>The white Bishops would start at <b>c1</b> and <b>f1</b> (as in FIDE), then the Arrows at <b>c2</b> and <b>f2</b> (in front of the Bishops, who are the other diagonal pieces, and beside the Cannons, who are the other leaping pieces).</p> <p>Finally, the white King would start at <b>e1</b> and, to fill the empty <b>d1</b>, there could be a <i>Queen</i> or, if you prefer, a <a href='' target='_blank'><b>Leo</b></a> (Cannon + Arrow). Then, of course, symmetrical setup for black.</p> <p>(P.S.: I think I count 61 opening moves for Yang Qi as it is now!)</p>