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HyperModern Shatranj. Missing description (8x8, Cells: 64) [All Comments] [Add Comment or Rating]
Sam Trenholme wrote on 2010-02-04 UTC
Now that I’m playing this game in the tournament, some issues:
  • The documentation does not make it clear the pawn has an initial double move like in modern “Mad queen” chess.
  • It is confusing to have the bishop-like piece be able to leap two squares, but having the queen-like piece not able to leap two squares, jumping over other pieces.
I think it makes more sense to either allow the general (queen-like piece) to jump, or to have the queen-like piece be a rook + ferz + alfil (rook + bishop-like move) in this variant.

If you want something less powerful, another option is to have the queen-like piece be a “commoner”: Moves like a king, but is not royal.